Recently, SeekhoX was graced with the presence of Rubal Jain, Managing Director at Safexpress Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest Supply Chain and Logistics companies in India.

In this episode, amidst conversations full of colorfully exciting stories and experiences, there were many life lessons sprinkled about for all of us to learn from – and if you missed them, don’t worry, I got you covered!

With that said, here are eight key takeaways from SeekhoX featuring Rubal Jain!

#1 Don’t underestimate the power of patience!

One of the first pieces of advice that Rubal shared with us was simple enough – never forget that patience is your biggest virtue.

In every aspect of your life, you need to stay patient and take all the time to build yourself up for whatever you wish to do. Another great advantage of being patient is how you can start thinking of all the long-term possibilities and, at the same time, work towards these possibilities.

So, to put it simply, stay patient, keep up the hustle, and good things are sure to come your way.

#2 The environment is dynamic – but are you prepared for it?

Another thing that Rubal mentioned was how the situations, laws, and the people around you would change – everything will continuously keep changing and evolving.

In such a situation, you can either get flustered over it or be ready to adapt and work together with others to come out on top.

At the same time, it’s imperative to understand the impact you can have on anything and everything – working towards creating a positive impact on the things around you and attempting to prevent any mishap from happening is what it’s all about.

#3 You’ve got to take your people with you.

In the pursuit of success, people can sometimes forgo others as part of their selfish desires. But, a true leader would always take their people with them.

Maybe someone isn’t functioning/producing results as per your desires, or perhaps they’re undergoing some tough times – what matters here is that you stick with them, spend time with them and help them grow with you.

Always remember that the people you take with you are the only constant that would never change within the endless sea of variables in today’s professional world.

#4 Rubal’s Biggest Milestone – what could it be?

According to Rubal, the most substantial milestone across his entire professional journey was when he successfully aligned his goals and ambitions with his father’s.

Once he did that, his next massive achievement was communicating the same goals and ambitions with his entire team. Doing so allowed him to scale the company’s operations accordingly and to tremendous success.

Alongside all that, he also considers his achievement is the minor changes and improvements he brought to the previously established systems within the company.

#5 A Key Tip for when you take over a family business

One of the main pieces of advice that Rubal had for those about to take over their family business was, “the moment you join the business, you’re probably not going to like the way some of the things work.”

While it’s okay to doubt the existing systems in place at your business (it’s something that’ll also happen with your next generation), you must never discount the experience of those that came before you. 

They’ve been at it for as long as you can imagine, and you should always respect the work and innovations they tried to bring into the business. Of course, as long as you do that AND bring forth innovations of your own, you’ll be golden.

#6 How to make your mark in a family business?

So, one of the things that people often struggle with, at least during the initial stages of taking over a family business, is to be acknowledged by the workforce – well, Rubal’s got some advice for that.

Essentially, you should try to work on a project that has a massive impact on the organization – you can also try to figure out the areas of weaknesses within the organization and work on solving them. 

Doing so would push people to recognize you for your skills and capabilities. However, make sure not to use this strategy where it just cannot work – nobody would want to listen to a newbie who sees hundreds of problems in something that has been in place for a long time, you know. 

If people are talking about the problem, or are approaching you for the same, then it’s time to jump right into the action.

#7 Rubal Talks About The Importance of an MBA

This one’s pretty simple – when asked about pursuing an MBA and how it helped him, Rubal talked about how, before going for an MBA, he had a narrow goal with wanting to finish his professional journey through a short-sighted objective, “Establish a crore’s worth of business.”

However, once he got the opportunity to sit and talk to other people pursuing an MBA, he truly broadened his horizons on running a business. It changed his perception of the world’s scale that, in turn, helped him reimagine his goals and ambitions. 

This change in perception, according to him, is why MBA is still one of the best courses to pursue out there.

#8 What you should keep in mind as an entrepreneur

According to Rubal, your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur comes from keeping your ego in check.

Often, things happen in your workplace that are seemingly out of your control – these could be a fight, a corporate disaster, or anything of the sort. In such situations, it’s easy to get flustered or angry or become dictatorial.

But, as an Entrepreneur, it is essential sometimes to face the brunt of things so that everything gets back on track. Humility, servant leadership, and focusing on the solution rather than just the problems is what it’s all about.

And that’s a wrap – these were eight takeaways that were only a few amongst a ton of stories and experiences that we got to share with Rubal (For example, the strangest consignment that he received involved delivering a bed to a bride and a groom before their wedding)!

That said, if you’re interested in more such enthralling stories, interviews, and moments, then be sure to head over to our app to learn more about SeekhoX!

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