Human Resources is one of the most crucial functions in any organisation since their work is directly tied to employees. As an HR manager, you’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks, including recruitment, mass mailing, talent management, and more. These processes get harder to conduct as more employees join the company; this is where tools in HRM come in handy.

Tools in HRM are an excellent approach to accurately automating all critical procedures. HR tools are a diverse set of technical solutions that assist firms in properly managing their day-to-day HR responsibilities. They are quite effective at lowering the number of manual errors. So, let’s learn about some incredible HRM tools and upskill ourselves to perform better in every HRM function. This blog will go through 5 critical HRM tools that any HR manager should know.

Importance Of HRM Tools

Human Resources has grown a lot in the previous few years, and automation is one of the most beneficial components of that growth. Many businesses are seeing the value of HR automation, and adoption is projected to continue to rise. According to a Grand View Research analysis from 2021, the worldwide HR software industry is expected to grow 12.2 percent from 2021 to 2028.

HRM automation employs management tools and software to automate time-consuming and repetitive manual procedures in order to:

  • Boost Productivity: It helps the HR manager track the organisation’s productivity, and a few tools also help boost employee and organisation productivity.
  • Streamline Processes: HRM tools help in streamlining regular manual and tedious management processes like attendance, time tracking, and more.
  • Error Reduction: When an HR manager manually maintains registers, there is a considerable risk of making little errors; however, when the processes are automated, the risk of errors is much reduced.

HR Processes Where HRM Tools are Useful

Some operations, such as corporate strategy development, change management, and personnel retention, should not be automated since they are highly human-centric and critical to an organisation’s success. Recruitment sourcing, employee time tracking, payroll, and effective communication are all processes that can be automated to make HR managers’ jobs easier and allow them to focus on other crucial tasks.

5 HRM Tools That Every HR Manager Must Know

Following is a list of HRM tools that you must use to make Human Resources processes easier and streamlined:

1. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow is an ultimate HR Cloud system that helps firms efficiently build, alter, and manage Human Resource Management processes. Kissflow HR Cloud has a number of HR modules, ranging from candidate application tracking and onboarding to regular performance reviews, succession planning, and offboarding. HR managers can use this tool to make decisions based on data rather than gut impulses because of its accurate and precise data insights.

Kissflow HR Cloud is distinguished by its automated performance triggers, which start a performance improvement process for employees who miss regular targets. Other trend-setting features include automatic announcements, an integrated talent pool, and social cooperation. Furthermore, Kissflow seamlessly interfaces with third-party management software solutions such as payroll and ERP systems, allowing you to use whatever management tool you already have alongside Kissflow with zero chances of data loss.

2. Zenefits

You have a lot to deal with as an HR manager or director, including a lot of contact information, employee records, insurance data, and keeping up with the newest workplace and recruiting market trends to make your job more effective. Zenefits (1) is one of the top HRM programs if you want to simplify your work and keep all the essential data in one place. It comes with several tools that assist you in managing staff attendance, payroll, compliance, and other perks.

Zenefits is an all-in-one HRM solution that makes your job easier and more productive. It’s fully automated, so you won’t have to waste time uploading, updating, or filing data. It also has an HR library with all of the most recent news you should be aware of.

3. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

This is a fantastic HRM tool useful for employee onboarding and a variety of other dynamic features, such as a personalised career site that allows candidates to look for job openings. Firms looking for a valuable HR tool can help speed up and simplify the hiring process. Businesses can use a platform to hire excellent personnel, optimise the hiring process, and find and communicate with qualified prospects.

iCIMS (2) Talent Acquisition also covers search engine optimization for career sites, social media distribution, and job board posting. As one of the major SaaS providers of personnel acquisition and management solutions, it is clearly one of the most competitive HRM products on the market.

4. Fond

Employee motivation has long been a top goal for any HR manager, but it is not easy. Employee engagement is critical to improved business performance, which is why you need a tool to help you motivate and engage your employees. As a result, use Fond to assist your employees in upskilling and rewarding them for their accomplishments. Fond offers three different types of products, all of which, when used together, will help you boost employee motivation and engagement:

  • Rewards: This program provides a number of channels for HR directors to recognise and award employees for their accomplishments.
  • Perks: This application is designed to offer employees pre-negotiated discounts on various things, such as fitness, travel, entertainment, and more.
  • EngagementIQ: It allows you to easily construct employee engagement analytics to see how effective the company’s efforts are to engage the staff.

5. Breezy HR

Another tool in HRM for organisations is Breezy HR. One of the most appealing features of Breezy is that it simply connects with your existing HR software. There is no need to be concerned about data loss during transfer and integration. Breezy HR isn’t just about recruiting. You can also maintain track of your present personnel and communicate more efficiently. It also integrates with LinkedIn to help discover qualified candidates.


Thanks to cutting-edge, extremely effective online HRM solutions, the current world of HR has become a fascinating place. This aid you in focusing on critical tasks and processes to boost your company’s productivity. So, upskill yourself and use these tools in HRM to contribute more to the company’s growth.
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