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5 Awesome Takeaways from SeekhoX – Raj Shamani

Recently, SeekhoX was graced with the presence of Raj Shamani, a young entrepreneur, influencer, and one of the internet’s favorite motivational speakers.

In this episode, amidst conversations full of colorfully exciting stories, games, and insightful thought-sharing, there were tons of life lessons for all of us to learn from.

And if you failed to catch ’em, don’t worry, I got you covered as always!

With that said, here are five key takeaways from SeekhoX featuring Raj Shamani!

1. The things that only you should decide.

“What to do, which city to live in, and with whom to live – these are the three decisions that every individual should make for themselves.”

One of the first dew things Raj shared with us was his experiences growing up, what led to him arriving in Mumbai, and how he built his brand up with zero dependence on anyone else.

Here, he talked about how, according to him, there are three decisions that every person should make for themselves, without a second person’s opinion. These are – what you wish to do in life, what city you decide to move into, and the person you desire to live together with.

What he’s describing here is that there are certain crucial decisions in life that you must take on your own and without depending on someone else. It speaks for Raj’s belief in the power of doing stuff independently.

2. What it means to be a content creator.

“Mastering both short and long-form content – that’s when I can call myself a content creator.”

When asked to share his thoughts on his podcast adventures, Raj described how, initially, one of the biggest reasons for him finding his footing as an influencer was due to the onset of Instagram Reels.

However, he did not wish for his success as an influencer to be associated with reels only – his desire was to be defined by something more.

This desire birthed his inspiration for his podcast. According to him, the general format of podcasts helped him strike the perfect balance between short and long-form content – this, in turn, allowed Raj to view himself as a true content creator in his eyes.

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3. The secret behind his podcast’s success

“I usually pick specific topics to talk about in my podcasts with my guests.”

Coming to the specific factors behind the success of his podcast, Raj reminded us of a basic yet necessary rule to follow for all those looking to start something in this form of content.

He talked about how having a simple conversation with someone and calling it a podcast may not be enough in today’s day and age – you need something unique or specific to help your episodes stand out.

Here, he also mentioned how, when inviting guests, you need that one topic regarding them that has not yet been talked about before the public to stand out whilst keeping it all very natural and unscripted.

Doing so, according to him, brings out a certain level of authenticity that people can easily connect to.

4. What defines you, your life path, and your journey.

“I was not good in studies, with girls, or in sports – a pretty average guy.”

When Raj was describing his childhood, something clicked with all the attendees – simple learning that many of us tend to take lightly or straight up forget.

You see, Raj was just an average guy, not good in pretty much all the aspects that determined our social standing in school and childhood – and yet, he is still widely successful on the internet.

It’s a precious reminder that your life till adolescence does not define how the rest of your life is going to play out. That said, it’s important to remember what you aspire to be, find your calling, gain knowledge and skills, and work your hardest to achieve everything you desire in life.

5. Overcoming stage fright and communicating your thoughts well.

“I’m here to speak, you’re here to listen.”

Another interesting tidbit of learning came for us when Raj was asked about his experience speaking live in front of thousands of people and whether or not he experienced stage fright when starting out.

To that, he simply replied by saying that, the reason why people are present and eagerly waiting for you to talk has to be because you have something insightful and important to share with them all.

While it contrasts a little with what Papa CJ shared with us about the same thing (we’ll cover yours some other day, for sure!) and may come across as a little cocky, it’s still a sound piece of advice to overcome stage fright and for presenting yourself in front of people well.

Basically, remember to always go on stage with a mindset that you have something to say that people are surely going to listen to. You’ll be sure to find success with all your on-stage appearances.

But for now, that’s a wrap. These were five takeaways amongst a ton of stories and experiences that we got to listen to from Raj Shamani.

That said, if you’re interested in more such enthralling stories, interviews, and delightful moments, then be sure to head over to our app to learn more about SeekhoX!

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