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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Benefit HR Managers

The idea that AI will eventually replace humans in the workforce has been misunderstood for a long time. Supposing AI can perform most tasks requiring human-like understanding, it is seen as a threat. And the truth is that modern AI systems can perform most tasks involving cognitive processing, analysis, and decision-making at human-like levels of speed and accuracy. And they can perform these tasks at unprecedented scales.

Yet, despite its advantages, AI is not supposed to replace humans but rather to enhance their capabilities and provide more value to firms. One of the most significant ways AI enhances human resource management is by improving the HR process itself.

Oracle and Future Workplace recently conducted a study stating that AI may help human resources professionals learn new skills and free up their time, thus expanding their current positions and enabling them to grow within companies. Despite this, 81 percent of HR leaders who participated in the study feel it’s tough to keep up with the pace of technological change at work. As a result, HR professionals should take a closer look at the way AI is transforming industries.

HR Managers can improve their effectiveness & efficiency by using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the entire life cycle of employees, from recruitment to retirement.

Automating Employee Communications

Automation of employee communications through Chatbots allows managers to communicate every bit of information that requires employee attention, such as

  • Policy changes
  • Announcements
  • Special instructions
  • SOP changes
  • Leave approval/rejection messages

The information is delivered to the appropriate people promptly, saving HR personnel time and ensuring that communication errors are minimized.

Measuring Employee Engagement

To achieve high employee engagement, it is first essential to measure the engagement levels of existing employees. Companies are using artificial intelligence-based tools to measure how engaged employees are to achieve this.

Generating Recruitment Reports

An essential responsibility of an HR team’s KPI is its recruitment performance. Recruitment teams are evaluated on the quality of new hires, the amount of time and money spent hiring, and the number of candidates they attract.

Through artificial intelligence-enabled HR analytics and natural language generation technology, insightful recruitment performance reports can be generated.

Human resources executives are most concerned about making AI more useable and safer. Many people are hesitant to use artificial intelligence in the workplace due to concerns about security and privacy.

Oracle’s survey also found that 31% of respondents preferred interacting with a human at work over a machine. It will become increasingly difficult for HR professionals to address these challenges without keeping up with trends and technologies as they change and evolve.

So, Robots or AI may replace many jobs, but not yours!!

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